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Thai Menu Special

Served Daily (Lunch & Dinner)


Tom Yum Soup with Seafood $6.50
Tom Yum Soup with Chicken or Vegetable
Thai Hot and Sour Soup with lemon grass, lime and chili

Tom Kah Soup with Chicken or Vegetable
Thai Coconut milk Soup with galanga and lime leaves


Squid Salad
Olive Oil, Rice Vinegar and chili paste dressing

Tofu Satay

Served with spicy peanut sauce


Grilled on a skewer served with Thai peanut sauce and cucumber salad


Beef Satay
Grilled on a skewer served with Thai peanut sauce and cucumber salad

Fried Calamari
Served with spicy and sweet dipping sauce

Thai Fusion Best

Thai Mango Chicken
Sauteed with green & red bell pepper served in a Mango shell

Coconut Prawn
Lemon grass, fresh tomato, red onion and coconut milk
Pad Kra Pao
Sauteed basil sauce with bell pepper & onion
(veg) $13.00 (ck) $14.00 (bf) $15.50 (shp) $17.50
Basil Sauce
Sauteed with bell pepper and asparagus in special basil sauce
(veg) $14.00 (ck) $15.50 (bf) $17.50 (shp) $18.50
Thai Curry
Thai Curry with potato, green bean, onion and bell pepper
(veg)$13.00 (ck)$14.00 (bf)$15.50 (shp)$17.50
Green Curry
Green Curry with eggplant, green bean, basil leaves
(veg)$13.00(ck)$14.00 (bf)$15.50 (shp) $17.50
Panang Curry
Malaysia Panang Curry with onion & bell pepper
(veg)$13.00(ck)$14.00 (bf)$15.50 (shp) $17.50
Cube Steak (Bo Luc Lac)
Marinated steak cubes with Thai spicy sauce
Firecracker Scallop or Shrimp
Sauteed Scallop with onion, red pepper, sugar peas & mushrooms
Spicy Thai Squid
Flavored Soy gluten with Thai spicy sauce
Chu Chee Roast Duck
Duck in Chu Chee curry, coconut milk and bassil leaves
and garlic sauce


Crisp Red Snapper
Whole fish with sweeten onion, bell pepper, pak choi served
with penang curry
Fusion Seafood Casserole
Mixed Seafood simmered in a basil sauce
Tofu Hot Pot
Sugar pea, onion, red pepper, pak choi served in a hot pot
Thai String Bean
Sauteed with Thai chili paste
Prik Khing
Thai Chili paste stir-fried with lemon grass & string bean
(veg)$12.00 (ck)$13.00 (bf)$15.00 (shp)$17.50
Pad Thai
Stri-fried noodle with eggs, bean sprout, gamish with roasted peanut
(veg)$12.00 (ck)$12.00 (bf)$13.50 (shp)$14.50
Thai Fried Rice
Eggs, bean sprouts and green peas flavored with Thai spicy
(veg) $11.50 (ck) $11.50 (bf) $13.00 (shp) $14.00

Coconut Fried Rice
Coconut shrels, eggs and raisins

(veg) $11.50 (ck) $11.50 (bf) $13.00 (shp) $14.00
Steamed rice changed to plain steamed noodle extra $2.00
Minimum Charge $9.00 per person
Price & information are subject to change without notice