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Soup, Salads, Appetizers & Dessert Menu


Wonton Soup
Minced pork meat wonton, sprinkled with scallions and
shredded roasted pork in chicken broth

Egg Drop Soup
Hot and Sour Soup
Spicy Asian soup with chicken, bean curd, bamboo shoots,
mushroom and woodear and spices in a tasty rich eggflower broth
Asians Seafood Soup     
Pan-fried, then grill the fish with chopped scallion
and ginger juice, season vegetable on the side 
(For 1) $5.00  (For 2) $8.00
Tofu & Vegetable Soup 
Hearty soup of assorted vegetable
and fresh tender bean curd
(For 1) $3.50 (For2) $6.00
Oriental Chicken Corn Soup  
Minced white meat chicken with sweet corn
in a  rich eggflower broth
(For 1) $3.50 (For2) $6.00
Chicken Cucumber Soup
Lobster meat, slice chicken and vegetable
cooked with Japanese wine sauce
(For1) $3.50 (For2) $6.00
Seaweed Soup
Seaweed drizzled in chicken broth, 
egg white and scallion in a savory chicken broth
(For1) 3.50 (For2) $6.00


House Salad
Spring Mix, tomatoes and cucumbers
tossed with olive oil and rice vinegar

Crab Meat with Singapore Angel Hair
Lump crab meat and thin Asian rice
noodle over on romaine lettuce
Taiwan Cucumber Salad
Slice with freshly cold cucumbers, sprinkled
with sesames seeds and drizzled with soy sauce
Watercress Salad
Tossed in sesames seeds and chef dressing


Lobster Summer Roll (2)
Filled with lobster meat, sugar pea, carrot
and cucumber with garlic lime sauce on the side

Parkway Dumplings (6)
A Chinese classic dumpling with chicken and vegetable or just vegetable
(Steamed or fried)

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling (8)

Bombay Chicken Skewers (4)
Lightly seasond with curry and grilled
served over watercress salad, delicious
Singapore Beef Skewers (4)
Marinated with B. B. Q. sauce and grilled
and served over spring mix salad
Harvest Spring Roll (2)
Crispy spring roll, filled with shredded
chicken, shrimp and vegetable
Chicken Wing (8)
Marinated in honey sauce, then deep fried
Shrimp Cocktail
Jumbo shrimp in light hot sauce, light batter,
served over spring mix salad cup
Chef's B. B. Q. Ribs (5)
Marinated in honey and Asian barbecue sauce,
then, slowly roasted perfection
Fantail Shrimp
Deep fried jumbo shrimp in egg batter
Spider Roll
Soft shell crab, cooked tempura
style, rolled in seaweed and sesame seeds
California Roll
Crabstick, avocado and cucumber
rolled in seaweed over with fish eggs
Negi Maki
Fresh scallion rolled up in thinly
sliced beef with teriyaki sauce
Eel Roll
Roasted eel with cucumber
rolled in seaweed and sesame seeds
Steamed Shu Ma (4)
Filled with shrimp, park meat,
crabmeat, ginger juice and scallions, 
small dumpling, slowly steamed to taste
Cold Noodle with Sesame Seeds
Combining cucumber, scallion in light peanut
butter and olive oil over on cold
egg noodle, topping sesame seeds


Italian Dessert, two layer of sponge cake are soaked with
espresso and coffee liqueur, richly layered with cream
and real Mascarpone cheese & finished with a dusting of cocoa
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Belgian style, light tasting, richly satisfying, delicious!
Original Cheese Cake
(Strawberry or Chocolate Syrup Topping)
Ice Cream
Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Orange Sherbet
Green Tea Ice Cream
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